Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Steven's favorite things

Here are some of Steven's favorite things:
He LOVES eating. All the time. In fact, he is so impatient when it comes to eating. In between every bite, he basically yells at me. He also can't stand it when we're eating and he's not, even if I just fed him. So, we give him whatever we have. Once, it happened to be a pickle. He didn't seem to mind at all.
He also loves the bath/shower. Recently, I realized that it was much easier to just bring him in the shower with me than trying to shower while he was napping (since that usually wakes him up for some reason). I found out that he loves it and so does double duty in letting me shower and keeping him very happy. Also, I've come up with a system where after I get out, I fill up the bath and let him play while I get ready. It works great! I think his favorite thing to do is pull everything off of the side, into the tub, and then splash a lot.
Steven loves making a clicking sound. Every time he's unhappy and I make that sounds, he smiles so big and gives me this look like, "finally! you're speaking my language" and then he always makes the sound back to me. In fact, I was watching this video on my phone earlier and he heard himself making the noise, and so from the back seat of the car, he started clicking too :)
Last of all, Steven loves being read to! He especially loves it when TJ reads because he does it in a much more entertaining way than I do...

Friday, February 11, 2011

Me stuff

So I don't love doing posts about me... before I had Steven, I had a really hard time finding things to blog about. Anyway, there are a couple of things I wanted to post, though, that are basically just about me. So, bear with me...
First of all, when I was visiting my sister over christmas, she re-taught me how to knit. It was great! I loved doing it, and this is the finished product! Sorry about the weird pictures... it was really hard to take pictures of myself.
This next thing isn't so much about me, I guess. My sister Jennie, knowing my love of scarves, made me this for christmas. I love it! She wanted me to take some pictures for her to put up on her blog ( - check it out! It's awesome) and so I thought I'd put them up on here too.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

10 Months

Only two more months till Steven is a year old! It's happening so fast! I keep looking at pictures of him when he was first born and I can't believe how much he has grown! It just makes me so excited to see what he will become. One thing I really miss about when he was really little was when he used to snuggle with me. He doesn't do it very often anymore, but every once in a while, when he's really tired, he still snuggles, and I love it.
Anyway, here are some pictures we took... We tried putting some gel in his hair and it made it really curly. We thought it was so cute!! So, we might have gone a little overboard with the pictures