Saturday, January 30, 2010


So my birthday was on a sunday this year which usually is a bummer because then we can't really do much to celebrate, but this year it was tons of fun anyway! The week before was my friend Jennie Manning's birthday (on the 17th) and so on the 16th we all went bowling to celebrate our birthdays. It was so much fun! I wasn't sure if the fact that I'm pregnant would affect my bowling skills, but I would say the fact that I beat TJ TWICE is proof that it didn't :)

I think this face says it all about how he felt about that...

Jennie's sister Anne decided she wanted to be pregnant too!

And here's the whole gang! We went and played games afterward at Jennie and Derek's and it was so much fun!!

So then the next weekend on saturday, TJ took me to see the movie Avatar and it was super cool! We saw it in 3D and everything! He also bought me this dress that I've really wanted for a really long time and it was a total surprise! I loved it :) Then, on sunday, Lyndsay invited us over to her house for dinner to celebrate by birthday. It was so nice of her!! She and Jonah made me steak and mashed potatoes and it was so yummy! They also made me a super yummy cake. It was so great to be with family and we had tons of fun hanging out with all the Detros! :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Christmas... Just a little late

So I've been putting off updating the blog because I didn't want to until I could do a post about Christmas, and I didn't have all the pictures I wanted. Well, I'm done putting it off and I'm gonna go for it.
So Christmas was great! It was a much needed vacation, and we loved spending time with family. We had so much fun with both the little kids (reading books, playing wii, shooting darts, and so much more) and the big kids (Jeopardy, nightly games, movies, etc etc). It's especially fun watching TJ when we're around his family because he just loves playing with all the kids. I get tired way to quickly when I'm around kids, but he just loves it! This is a huge comfort for me when thinking about our family that's about to get a little bigger...
TJ wasn't feeling so well when we first left for his parent's house, but I ended up being the one who got really sick (like most of the rest of the people in that house). I felt pretty miserable starting on Christmas day, but realized it was a good thing that I got sick then, instead of when I was home and would have had to miss work. Unfortunately, it took me a pretty long time to completely get over it, and I probably would have called in sick to work if that was even a possibility (the perks of being a manager and having nobody that can cover for me).
Anyway, that's all I'm going to talk about for now. I know this is a really sad excuse for a description of our christmas, but I don't want to be to long-winded either. I know that with no pictures, all this talking is probably starting to get boring. So, I'll call that good for now, but promise to do better for holidays in the future.
Also, these pictures are from a fun little activity we did with some of our friends, America and Tyler, before christmas. We had a blast!

TJ and Tyler both get a little intense while cutting the gingerbread. America and I decided it was best if we just stayed out of it...

So we had our own fun making the frosting in the other room. Doesn't she look like she's having so much fun?? :)

Then it was time to put them together, and we all took that very seriously. See how focused we are??

And here we are with the finished products, though you can't see them very well. I guess we didn't want you to look at them to closely...

Just kidding! Here's a close-up of America and Tyler's
And here's a close up of ours! You can decide which one is better. But come on, let's be honest. The little family and snow man really make the gingerbread house much more personal.
America also made some really yummy wassail. I had never had it before! It was so much fun!!