Sunday, April 15, 2012

Birthdays and such...

 Steven is TWO!! I cannot believe it. Even though two is still so little, it seems so old to me right at this moment. He's finally out of the "months" phase. Now he's just 2. Not 25 months. Just 2. It's great. He's learning so much! I seriously think he learns a new word every day. He's still not quite caught up to where he should be, speech-wise, but he's getting there! He can now tell me when he poops (though sometimes he lies!), says "no" to almost everything and says everything is his ("MY"), never actually says yes if he agrees with something - always "k," talks about his favorite toys like his ball ("bop") and bike (though the bike isn't actually his), loves asking for juice and crackers (crack-crack), and is very good at saying "please!". He is really good at not obeying, but thinks it's hilarious, and gets away with far too much because he's just so darn cute! He also has gotten very into animal noises, though he hasn't quite figured out what all the animals say. He seems to think a giraffe goes "neigh" and any bird goes "quack-quack." Almost all the other noises he can't figure out he usually substitutes with "grrr," or maybe it's just the ones that look threatening. He hardly ever refers to animals by name, but if he sees one, he just starts talking to it! One great example of this is when we went to the duck pond to eat lunch on his birthday. He hardly ate anything because he was too busy trying to talk to the ducks!
We didn't get to do much on his birthday besides this since conference was going on that day, but we did get him a cupcake that he picked out and got to eat all by himself!

Since we didn't do anything too special on his actual birthday, we wanted to have a little get together with family so he could have some more people to celebrate with. It's so great to have the Detro's so close! :) I was a little bit lazy this year with the cake, but I thought that since he loves balls so much, basketball cakes would be perfect! TJ decorated one, and Madison and Jared did the other one. Can you tell who did which one?
Steven also had his 2-year check-up. He's doing great! He was pretty much in the 75th %tile for everything, weighs exactly 30 lbs and unfortunately tore up the paper that has his height on it, so I can't remember exactly how tall he was... He did pretty well at the appointment, and it helped that the doctor let him play with all her stuff! 
 With the money that we got from people for his birthday, we bought a new stroller! It is soooo nice! We have a friend in our ward that has one, and I've been waiting to find one on sale ever since I saw hers. So, we found it on sale and bought it! This is the box it came in. TJ sent me this picture at work when it came... I thought it was hilarious! (note caption on box...)
These are a few random pictures we've taken recently that we thought were cute.
Steven playing peek-a-boo...

and holding hands with his best friend, Tate. I just thought this was adorable... Tate loves holding hands with everyone, and so he and Steven do it all the time :)
One of Steven and TJ's favorite father-son activities is putting on some awesome drum videos, getting out their drumsticks, and jamming out together.