Sunday, March 18, 2012

Photo Op

So we have a good friend that lives above us that is just amazing. She is the one who took our family pictures this last time. She also crocheted a scarf for me and then taught me how to do it! The brown one is the one she made for me and I made the white one.

Anyway, she is so great and watches Steven whenever we need her to. One of the times she was watching him, she just randomly took some pictures of him, and they turned out SO adorable. He is obsessed with the red bike he's on. Every time we go outside (even if we're just going to the car) he runs out and yells, "bike!" and runs towards the stairwell where the bike is kept (since it actually doesn't belong to us). It's cute, but also a little inconvenient since we don't always have time to play with the bike, or sometimes there are other kids using it. Oh well...

This last picture is one we just took yesterday on the way home from buying Steven new shoes (since his feet are so fat that we seriously tried on at least 10 pairs before finding some that actually fit him).