Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sock in Mouth

Steven's new trick is taking off his sock and sticking it in his mouth. Or, if he has no socks on, he will crawl around until he finds one. He's happiest only when he has his sock hangin out his mouth. Here are a few pictures:

Also, we finally got him a booster seat. He loves sitting in it and eating his cheerios and other fun snacks. Unfortunately half of what we put on his tray ends up on the floor beneath him... We are considering getting a dog to clean up after him.

Monday, January 17, 2011

19 Days Late....

So Steven is now officially 9 mos and 19 days old... I haven't been doing very well at keeping up with the monthly updates. Also, it's getting harder and harder to take pictures of him with the little sign. I guess it might be a good thing I only have 3 more left!
We went to the doctor's for his well-check, and the pediatrician says he looks great! His stats were:
Weight - 19.4 lbs, 31st %tile
Head Circumference - 17.5 ins, 25th %tile
Length - 27.8 ins, 78th %tile
Percentage wise, he dropped in all the areas, but he is healthy and happy, so it's ok! He also has started pulling himself up on everything. It's great, but sometimes a little inconvenient. His reach is a lot farther now...
Also, Steven's been having so much fun playing with TJ's drums. It's one of his favorite things to do, especially with TJ. Anyway, here are some cute pictures of it...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

TJ's birthday

So here are the pictures I didn't have for my last post of TJ's birthday. I LOVE the beach. I could have spent all day, every day there... There are all sorts of things to do!! Jumping rope with kelp, collecting sea shells, drawing in the sand, going to the warf and seeing sea lions... the possibilities are endless!

Monday, January 10, 2011

More holiday stuff

So I've realized that me and the holidays do not mix well with blogging. There's just too much!! I still don't even have all the pictures from our trip to Santa Cruz, but I figured I might as well do a post now since it's already going to be so long.
So TJ got to California on the 21st, just in time for his birthday the next day! We spent it exploring Santa Cruz, which was really fun! We went to the beach, saw some sea lions, and other fun stuff. These are the pictures I don't have, so I'll put them up as soon as I get them. I did take some pictures of the little party we had for him that night, though. Jennie made him a super yummy cake that he's been bugging me to make ever since.
The next day TJ and I went to San Francisco. We loved it! We did the normal tourist stuff, and also went to this super yummy restaurant I found on the Food Network. Also, while we were there, we got a new camera!! Our camera wasn't working very well anymore, and after using Kelly's over thanksgiving and Jennie's while I was with her, I just couldn't go back to a point-and-shoot. So, we have a lot more pictures from that point on in our trip.
Christmas eve we made a trip to Monterey to go to the Aquarium. It was really fun! My Dad and I touched a ray, we saw a man with his dog on his surf board, and Steven saw fish for the first time.
Christmas was super fun. Even though TJ and I didn't have presents for each other, (the camera was both of our birthdays+Christmas) we still got stuff from my parents and Junie :)
So, after another really long car drive home, we are ready to stay put for a while! We had some presents waiting at home for us too, though, so we basically got 2 Christmases!