Sunday, February 12, 2012


So I wanted to post a few videos that we've taken recently. This first one goes along with my last post. The really funny part is the girls that are behind me squealing about what a "perfect" boy he is. I thought it was hilarious. Also, I don't think I talked about his hat when I posted the last pictures, but it's pretty much the coolest thing ever. My parents brought it back from Ireland for Steven, and this boy loves it. Seriously. As we're walking out the door he points to it, grunts a lot, and then points to his head. He won't go out without it.
 This next video shows how good Steven's gotten at talking! ok, not really. He really has gotten so much better at it (he can say mom, dad, light, hot, mine, juice, please, eye, and probably others I'm forgetting), but he's gotten in the habit of, whenever he can't say a word we want him to, just saying "but[t]" instead...
Steven also always wants to see everything that's going on. Because he's still so little, he figured out that if he climbed up on a chair, not only could he see a lot more, but he could get into a lot more stuff too! One night while we were making lasagna, he wanted to see what I was doing, and then proceeded to "help"...
Life is wonderful, as always, and Steven just makes me laugh all the time. There are a few other things he's been doing that we couldn't catch videos of. One is not eating dinner unless the food comes from one of our bowls/plates. Because of this, if we get him his own bowl, we have to take his spoonful and put it in our bowl to trick him into thinking it came from there. Then, when we're done eating, we pour his bowl into ours, and he eats the rest of it just fine. Another thing Steven has gotten really good at is diaper changing time (which is such a relief). I can tell him to got get a diaper and he'll go to his room, get one, and then come back and lay on the floor in front of me so that I can change him. It's so great. He also loves getting in the shower with us, so whenever we turn the water on, he comes running in the bathroom, tries to take off his shirt, and when that doesn't work, and lays on the floor and just points to his pants/diaper and grunts, indicating that we need to take them off. It's adorable, but slightly inconvenient when we really just wanted to take a shower solo... I'm sure there are a million other things, but that's what I can think of right now, so that'll have to do!