Sunday, April 26, 2009


We found out this past week that we have a thrill-seeking bunny. We have been keeping her out on our little patio during the day to give her some fresh air and a little more room to run around in. We bought a couple of baby gates and wrapped them in a sheet and placed them in front of the railing so she couldn't escape through the bars. For the first week or so this set up worked great. She had a couple of boxes out there to play and nap in. But after a while the little patio was getting too small and boring for her. She needed something more. She had to know what was outside this little world she had come to know. We noticed she began to get on top of the boxes and would even poke her head over the side of the gates. One day, this seemed to be her favorite activity. Julia was outside on the patio reading and noticed she climbed on top of her boxes multiple times. When Steve came over, however, and said that he was worried she would jump, we both scoffed at the idea and assured him our bunny was not that stupid, remembering how scared she was to even jump off the couch. As Steve was leaving, however, the unthikable happened. Her curiosity apparently got the best of her and she jumped - THREE STORIES! Steve was the fist to act, rushing downstairs to check on her. TJ was close behind and Julia was frozen, staring into the darkness below where her bunny lay. We called Randy immediately for directions on what to do. Luckily she had landed on the grass, just inches from another concrete patio. Steve tried to examine her for any broken bones, especially on her back. She wasn't moving much and we were totally unsure of what was wrong and were thinking the worst. Randy said the best thing to do was to put her in her tub and try and keep her as still as possible. We did that, carried her upstairs, and waited.
Steve had to leave and we had to get ready for bed. So we brought her into our room to sleep for the night so we could keep an eye on her. We checked on her one more time before falling asleep and noticed that she was starting to move around more. That was also when we noticed that she wasn't using her right, front leg. We were hoping it was just sore from the fall, but at this point, she's still not using it so we're a little skeptical. Overall, I'd say shes doing pretty well, though. She's back to her normal self, although not as quiet when she hops around since she's only using 3 legs. Aren't cats the ones who are supposed to have nine lives...

We tried to get a picture of her bum right leg. I guess you can't really tell with this picture. You can, however, see how big she is getting. I mean check out that foot!
Here is a picture of her flight plan. She jumped from our patio (the one with the light on) and landed three stories later on the grass not inches from the concrete.

ne with We tried get a video of her hopping around on one foot. It was a pretty unsuccessful shot. You can briefly see her right front leg curled up as she turns to the side.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Bunny!!!

We'd like to present you with the newest addition to our family! BUNNY!! I know, that's not really a name... That's why we need your help! TJ surprised me on Tuesday with my very own bunny. She's so cute!! (and yes, after an extensive examination by Dr Steve, we came to the conclusion she is, in fact, a she) We are having a little bit of trouble, however, deciding on a name for her. I like the name Ebony ('cause she's black and we can call her Bony for short) but TJ wants to go with something a little more ethnic like Shaniqua or Shanaynay. So please tell us what you think!!
We also had lots of fun on easter with Steve and Lizzie. We had a yummy lunch and many easter festivities followed. Here are some pictures of the bunny and easter food.

So to explain this picture, we went on an easter-egg hunt in the park on Sunday afternoon and we really wanted to bring bunny with us. So, we tried concocting some sort of leash. In the end we decided it wasn't such a good plan....