Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Rands Family Reunion

Back at the beginning of July, my family came to Utah for a Rands' family reunion (except for Geoff and Emily who had to work). It was so much fun! Things, I thought, went really well! Most of my family stayed at the house of one of our on=ld family friends from Macomb. It worked out perfectly! Everyone fit pretty comfortably there except for Hillary and Tim, who stayed with TJ and I at our apartment. That was only about 5 mins away from the house, though, so it was great!
We did a bunch of fun stuff. We went to Seven Peaks water park in Salt Lake and spent basically the whole day there. It was awesome. Even Mom and Dad when on one of the biggest slides there. I was so impressed! I know somebody who works there, so we even got hooked up with some free food, free tubes, and a free cabana. It was awesome!
The next day, we went to the Mt Timpanogas Temple. It had been a year since my grandparents had passed away, and so we were able to do all their work. It was a really special and awesome experience. My parents were finally able to be sealed to their parents! We all felt so lucky to be there all together. We missed Geoff a lot, though. We would have loved for him to be there with us. When we got home from the temple, we went to Tucano's, which was so yummy, and then we got some family pictures taken. My awesome friend, Nicole, had offered to take them, which was so great of her. They turned out great! Here are just a few...

Wednesday was the 4th of July, so we didn't do a whole lot, but we did get to go on a bike ride around campus, which was so much fun! 
Then on thursday, one of my other awesome friends, Kami, took us up to her families cabin about an hour and a half away from Provo. It was so awesome! The cabin was on thousands of acres of land, and so we got to go on a hike and some 4 wheeler rides. They also had a little man mande lake and some boats. All the kids loved that! In fact, the most common question I got while at the cabin was, "Can we come back here next year??" It was quite a hit I guess.

After the cabin, we headed back to provo. The next morning, the men took the kids up to downtown Salt Lake to tour around, while we cleaned the house and headed up to meet them. We went to a little neighborhood restaurant called Hook and Ladder that my parents and sisters used to go to when they lived in Salt Lake.

We also got to tour around the old neighborhood a bit. We then headed back to the hotel and played a few Minute to Win it games, after finally getting the kids all to bed.

Sunday, we went to my Parent's old ward and there were even a few people there that they had known (I think it's been about 30 years...)! The Christopherson's had already left that morning, Tim and Greg had left too, and everyone else was going to start the drive home the next day. It was such a great week, and I can't wait till next summer to do it all again!