Thursday, November 18, 2010


Steven go his first "owie" today... It was so sad! We haven't done a very good job of baby-proofing the apartment yet, and TJ's djembe is lying on it's side on the floor right now, blocking access to the DVD player. Steven likes playing with the djembe, which usually is fine, but recently he's been trying to pull himself up on things. Today he tried to pull himself up on the djembe. Since it's round, he kind of slipped off the side of it and must have caught his eye on one of the tuning pegs or something. He was crying so hard! He was having a rough day already and crying at everything, so I didn't even realize what had happened till probably 15 mins later when I noticed above his eye was all red. It's already looking tons better, but I was so sad for him! I guess I really need to figure out this whole baby-proof thing...

Sunday, November 14, 2010


So we've taken a lot of videos over the past few days, so I wanted to share them!
This fist one is what happens when Steven starts getting tired in his Jumper... I love the swaying back and forth.
The next one is of Steven and TJ watching the Penn State game on saturday. He was so excited!! :)
And then this last one is what Steven does basically whenever he sees a soda can. I'm pretty sure he's gonna be addicted when he grows up...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

First Football Game

On Saturday a couple friends from Idaho were in Provo to go to the BYU game. They had some extra tickets, so Steven and I got to go too! Unfortunately TJ was working so he didn't get to come. It seemed a little wrong that Steven got taken to his first football game by his Mom, but I guess I'm just that cool :)
Andi holding Baby Steve. I was really suprised at how well he did. We only left like 10 mins early, and that was only because BYU was up 55-0
The poor guy was so tired afterwards!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

So much...

So I've definitely been putting off doing a post because I've gotten so behind! I've had things to update it with pretty much every day it seems like, so I got a little overwhelmed. So this is gonna be a long one... Prepare yourselves.

Last Wednesday was TJ's night off, so we decided we needed to do something festive! So, we got together with our friends Katie and Mckay and carved pumpkins. It was so fun! I honestly don't remember the last time I did that, if I even ever did!
Saturday was football, of course, and Steven and TJ spent some time bonding...
TJ went to work that night where they were having a costume contest. He dressed up as a Mexican Banana. Don't ask...
I went with Steven over to Lyndsay's for dinner and to hang out while the kids went trick-or-treating. I didn't get dressed up, but I had to dress Steven up, even though he didn't go out with them. It's the principle of the thing! I also couldn't let this amazing cape go to waste! (thanks Katy!)
I just thought this video was super cute. He's making some crazy faces! I think he might have been trying real hard to fly away...
He also had fun while we were there playing with Andrew. I'm not sure how much Andrew actually liked it, though...
Oh, also, as I was going through his clothes on saturday night, I realized he had another halloween costume. Since sunday was technically halloween, TJ decided he had to wear it. He was so cute...
Sunday night we went to see our friends Kami and Ty and have dinner with them. They love baby Steve and are so cute with him!! Oh, and with all the pictures we were taking of him on sunday, I forgot to take an actual "7 Month" one. I can't decide if I should still take a late one...
Yesterday, I had to go to Deseret book, and while I was there, I saw this adorable Book of Mormon ABCs book. It might be a little advanced for Steven still, but there's no harm in getting them started young! And he really seems to like it!
SO, to wrap up this ridiculously long post, most importantly of all... STEVEN IS CRAWLING! We actually used the book as bait to get him to crawl to us and it worked great! We are so excited, even though I actually have to baby-proof our apartment now.
We tried it again, later, using food, and that seemed to be a pretty strong incentive too :) He's obviously not great at it yet, but he seriously is improving every time he does it. I just can't believe it!!
Hopefully everyone's still awake after reading this post, and I promise I'll do a better job of keeping up!