Sunday, August 3, 2008

Quickwater Camp

So Julia finally got home from two weeks at a camp for girls called Quickwater! She was a mentor there, in charge of five girls. It was so much fun, but she missed TJ SO MUCH and is so happy to be home. Quickwater Ranch is an amazing place in the Teton valley owned by Dick and Sue Jacobsen. They opened the ranch as a place for girls age 13-17 to come and spend two weeks in nature for free! The Jacobsen's provide food, activities, hikes, and a good place to grow (which is the theme of Quickwater). It's an amazing experience for these girls, and for the mentors too! Julia learned to make picture frames and lots of other crafty stuff. Now she might even fit in with her crafty Sisters and Sisters-in law. :) It was a very spiritual experience too. Even though it's not run by the church, the Jacobsen's are members as are almost all of the people who come there so the gospel is incorprated in much of what they do there. Some of Julia's favorite times there were the meetings in a medow above the ranch and in a grove where the spirit was so strong! It was just an awesome experience overall and Julia was sad to leave because she learned to love all the girls there so much! She's happy to be home though...
While she was gone, TJ was pretty bored at home all alone. Because it's the break, all of his friends are gone and so he didn't have a lot of people to hang out with. He kept himself busy by working out every day and keeping the apartment so wonderfully clean! He also spent a lot of time practicing all sorts of music stuff. He practiced four mallet marimba, drumset, intervals, and different scales and modes. He also spent a lot of time brushing up on his spanish speaking skills to prepare himself for a possible job opportunity at a call center for a company called Melaleuca. He turned in an applicationg for this place at the beginning of the break and just finally on wednesday had an interview there (which he forgot to tell Julia about until Saturday...typical TJ forgetfullness) which went well he thinks. He should be hearing from them on whether or not he got the job by next wednesday. We both hope he gets it!
So that's an update on the last two weeks! They've been pretty busy and have gone by so fast!

The amazing view of the Tetons on Julia's sunrise hike

Some picture from Julia's overnight hike to Green Lakes - it was AMAZING

Shots from Julia's group's awesome skit and all the campers and leaders

Some of the awesome people Julia met :)