Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A lot happens in a week!

So I never thought I would have so much to write about in just a week, so I'll try and keep the narrative down to a minimum...
I dressed Steven up one day in a green shirt and overalls and one of TJ's friends commented that he looked like Luigi. Unfortunately, before I could get a picture of his cuteness, he had a blowout, so I had to change his clothes. So, to make up for it, we decided to dress him up like Mario the next day... We thought that David would especially like this
Also, we gave Steven his first bath! I was a little frustrated because TJ was too busy taking pictures and recording videos to really help me, so it didn't go as smoothly as it could have. As you can tell, Steven didn't like it very much. I'm happy to report, however, that my mom and I gave him another one today and it went much smoother.

He did look really cute in his towel and robe afterwards though
TJ had a busy week last week full of all sorts of concerts. After his percussion ensemble concert, there was a little get together for all the percussion students at Ron Brough's (the head of the percussion department) house. While we were there, Steven had his first experience with a musical instrument and his Daddy couldn't have been more proud. His first note was a G, quickly followed by an F...
Then, this weekend, my mom and I went to Rexburg for my friend Andi's wedding reception. It was so much fun and I not only got to see her, but also some other friends from the social work program. I also got to show Steven off to all of them
Best of all, though, we stayed the night with my best friend Jen and went to church with her family on Sunday. It was so good seeing her and Sam and Lizzy!! I think it's obvious that Steven and Lizzy are going to be best friends when they get older. Either that or Lizzy's going to beat up on him all the time... ;) Either way, they were adorable together.
Lizzy even gave Steven a hug!!
Last of all, we took Steven into the Doctors today, we thought, just to get him circumcised. We were supposed to go back in tomorrow for his two week check-up, but they decided to just get everything done today. SO, as of today, Steven weighs 9.02 lbs (62nd percentile) and is 21.6 inches long (85th percentile). So he's doing great! We can't believe how much weight he's gained!! We're so grateful we have such a healthy boy :)


the Mom said...

SO STINKIN' CUTE! :} My favorite pictures have to be the first one (can we say Bubble Bod?), and the two of him with the mallets, but I loved them all! I can't believe how much he's grown!!! Another great post!

Jennifer said...

Seriously ADORABLE!

Lyndsay said...

Oh, good. I was starting to wonder when you were going to do another post. You guys have had a busy week. Love the Mario outfit. David has one just like it. They could dress up and be twins. =) And love the mallet pictures. Sounds like you guys are really getting out and about. That is good. And I'm glad he is growing so well. That's always a good feeling. He is so cute!!!!

the Mom said...

Twins indeed. Before long Steve and David will be the same size.

the Mom said...

Um, I don't know who that last "The Mom" comment came from... Maybe your dad? The real The Mom

America said...

Baby Steve is sooo cute. I love that you update your blog I'm always excited to read it! That little girl is pretty darn cute too!

Saram said...

Just read your post and wanted to say that you made a smart choice circumcising, it is cleaner and healthier for boys. After doing a lot of research, I had my son circumcised and I am very glad that I did.
I know if boys aren't done at birth its pretty common for them to need to be circumcised later in life. My brother needed to be circumcised later in life and I don't want to risk putting my son through that. Plus, I have yet to meet a single man that wasn't happy to be circumcised, but a lot of uncircumcised guys seem to wish they had been snipped.
I have done a lot of research on circumcision and thought you might find these links helpful:
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Sexual effects/sensitivity
Cervical Cancer:
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Even the World Health Organization is recommending it now:
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Hope it was okay to pass that on to you?