Thursday, April 29, 2010

Baby Blessing :o)

Steven was blessed on Sunday and it was such an awesome experience! TJ gave an amazing blessing and Steven was so good the whole time. He didn't cry at all!
TJ had wanted to get a little baby tux for him to be blessed in. He had found some online, but put off buying one so we had to find one in a store. Unfortunately, the only tux we found was to big. We ended up getting this little outfit instead. I thought it was adorable :)
It was so great to have my parents, TJ's dad, TJ's brother, Steven, and TJ's sister, Lyndsay, all there at the blessing. Steven is obviously well loved.

Uncle Steve brought some presents for baby Steven - a little Broncos football and 3 Penn State onesies that he'll fit into just in time for football season!
It's so cute how much Lyndsay's kids love Steven. They always want to look at him and hold him. I love it!

TJ loves playing with the kids. He took them for rides around a living room until there was a little accident that ended in tears...
After that he told them he wasn't going to do it anymore because it wasn't safe. Yet, all four of them tried their hardest to convince him, even Madison who had gotten hurt a couple minutes earlier.
Steven loves hanging out with Daddy... and napping with him
Steven not only has a Mario outfit, but has a Luigi outfit too!
Steven got to spend some quality time with Papa
Nana always made him feel better


Wilson Family said...

oh good i've been waiting for a new post and especially to hear about the blessing. looks like it was a wonderful day. i love his little outfit - very handsome! and i like the picture of baby Steven all squishy cozy on the back of tj's legs when he's playing the game. julia you look great! keep the pictures coming!

the Mom said...

So many pictures to love! :) The last one is especially good of Baby Steve, and I love the one of him and his dad napping. And all of the ones with the Detro cousins. And, well, all of them!! Thanks for the update!

Clay and Katy said...

I was waiting for an update too!! Love the pictures...all of them really, too many to comment on!! Your little family on blessing all look great! Steve with his cousins! Sleeping with his dad...adorable...even if it looks like he cant breathe :). Glad the blessing went well!

Lyndsay said...

Okay, I don't know how I missed this post. Geez!! So cute, though!! I'm so glad I could be at the blessing. TJ really did do a wonderful job. And it was so fun hanging out with you guys. My kids really do love baby Steve!! Love the pictures!! I'll have to get copies of them from you. I'm so glad you guys are so close!

America said...

I´m so sad we missed the blessing I guess being in El Salvador is an ok excuse. Baby Steven looks so handsome in his blessing outfit!