Sunday, April 4, 2010

Baby Steve's very first Easter!

A few pictures of our Easter celebrations and random cute pictures of Baby Steve.

This is Steve opening his first ever Easter basket! He was very excited.

This is him hugging his new best friend.

Here he is about to open an Easter egg from his basket filled with his favorite Easter treats.

This is Julia with her Easter Basket.

It was a long day...


the mom said...

Thanks for posting some more great pictures! :) My absolute favorite is the last one. SO CUTE!

the mom said...

Elephants are a must! I was going to give him one. 3 generations of Steve Pepers and we all now collected elephants! I guess I have to give him my second option for a gift. You'll never guess what it is... (this is steveo, not the mom)

Lyndsay said...

I'm so glad to see another post. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come. =) I'm glad he enjoyed his first Easter. He got lots of yummy treats! =)

the mom said...

oh thank you for listening and posting more! LOVED all the pictures and that he seemed so alert on his first Easter. his jammies are darling. also loved that he already had easter treats ;) and that julia was sitting next to her lovely "donut" :) k, i'm already ready for more pictures!
and since i don't know who is signed on on my computer right now - this is kelly.