Friday, June 29, 2012

Not Africa...

So with all the updating TJ's been doing on the blog, I've been slacking a lot. I haven't had a ton to update about anyway, but I still should have.

So first, here's a picture from Mother's day (I know, WAY back). The day before mothers day, my sister Jennie and I went to the Oakland temple with my Mom, and then went out to eat. It was so much fun! The oakland temple was so beautiful and had an amazing view of San Francisco.

These next pictures are just random one's of Steven and Tate (the little boy who lives above us). They are seriously best friends. Steven talks about him all the time! We can't even mention Tate's name anymore without Steven freaking out, asking to play with him. And it the cutest thing when he sees him coming down the sidewalk - he runs towards him, squealing and saying "Tate" over and over again. They even hugged "too hard" the other day, and fell down. It's pretty ridiculous, but I love it. And we love his parents, too, so it works out perfectly :)

These pictures are from Father's Day. That day was spent trying on TJ's helmet,
dancing to some music (though of course I couldn't get the video to upload), and hanging out and throwing a football in the park. I would say that's a good day :)


Lyndsay said...

I LOVE the picture of Steven wearing the helmet. His cute little face peaking out. SO cute!!

And I love that he has a best friend. I wish I could have seen them hugging so hard they fell down. ;)

the Mom said...

Love the football pics. Looks like that boy has some serious skills! =} Also loved the comment about Baby Steve and Tate hugging so hard that they fell over. Friendship doesn't get much better than *that*!

Mandy said...

How cute are Tate and Steve--adorable pics and posts!!

Steve and Nicole said...

aww I love these! They are best friends those two :)the one by the door is my favorite, cars in each hand, that is SO them haha

We just love you guys