Tuesday, June 12, 2012


This post is dedicated to the animals that we saw. The first set of pictures is from the Lion Park and the last set is from Kruger National Park. Again, these were taken by our photographer, not me.

The Lion Park

Me siting on a lion cub.
I believe these are white lions.
African Wild Dogs. These are some of the nastiest animals... Really mean.
This little giraffe was only 2 days old when the picture was taken.
OK, this was actually taken at the Johannesburg zoo. I just thought it was a funny picture.
 Kruger National Park
Can't remember what this is. 20 points to the first person who tells me. Hint: not an impala, I'm pretty sure...
This is a Kudu. It's my favorite of the antelope species.
They're so majestic. 
This is the most I ever saw of a hippo...
Most of the wildlife we saw was way off in the distance, like this guy. 
This is a giraffe.
The tour guide I was with told me that the warthog was the most beautiful of all the animals. He was dead serious.


the Mom said...

Bonteboks - I get 20 points

the Mom said...

That was your dad. Clearly. This is me.

Pood, I LOVE your sense of humor. You're so stinkin' cute! :} That photographer guy took some absolutely gorgeous pictures! And here's something to look forward to -- you can revisit your trip to Africa when you go see the Wilsons in Florida! =}

Steve and Nicole said...

um INCREDIBLE! All these pictures are amazing. Giraffes just walking in the road. that is so awesome.

I missed the part about the photographer hah...still, great pictures though