Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Steven!

I can't believe my little baby turned one yesterday!! Both TJ and I don not feel like we've had him for that long... Time flies when you're having fun! We decided to have a little party for him with a few of our friends and it was so much fun! We had pizza,
opened presents,

and ate cake! He pretty much inhaled it.

He was being pretty grumpy, though, and wouldn't let anyone else hold him. Every time they tried, he would start crying, and sometimes he would just start for no reason.
Still, it was tons of fun!
We are so lucky to have great friends that came to show their love for steven! Ty and Kami,
America and Tyler,
and (not pictured because they had to leave a little early)Katie and Mckay.
Happy Birthday Steven!!! We're so lucky to have him in our family. He brings so much joy into our lives and we just love him more than I thought was possible.


the Mom said...

Such a cute boy!! Can't believe he's ONE!! Loved the pictures, love how his shirt matches TJ's. :} And great job on the cake!

Lyndsay said...

The cake looks great!! Did you use fondant?? Steven is such a cute kid. I can't get over it. I'm glad he enjoyed the cake. Looks like a great party!!

Steve Peper said...

TJ, did you give him a kiss on the cheek for me and tell him happy birthday?? and THAT BOY NEEDS A HAIR CUT!!!!

Clay and Katy said...

The cake looks so good!! Happy birthday to Steven! Why does the first year seem to just fly by?? Crazy! He definitely is getting big...too cute :)

Wilson Family said...

happy birthday to steven again!!
looks like he scored in the present department... totally cool thomas the train!
and yes, since we all bugged lyndsay it should be said that he does need a haircut ;)
and i'm glad you didn't forget you had that elephant cake thingy. you did an awesome job with it!!

Nathan & Marlese Seaver said...

What a stud! Wow... Where did you find a cake like that? I know this is late but happy birthday buddy! He is so cute!

nana said...

That cake is amazing, Julia. You are a talented, loving, caring woman. And you also have an adorable child, who, btw, does not need a haircut.
:-) Hi, TJ!

.Chrissy said...

You did amazing with the Elephant cake!! wow!