Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Stats and Videos

I took Steven in for his 6 month well check yesterday and it was not a very fun visit. He got four shots plus some drops. Then on top of all that, the Dr was a little worried about a rash he had (which I'm pretty sure isn't really a rash since it's been there forever) and so wanted to get some blood drawn. That was also not fun. By 10:00 am, both baby and mommy were in desperate need of a nap! Anyway, here are his stats: he weighs 18.54 lbs (58.7 %tile), is 27.7 ins long (80.7%tile), and his head circumference is 17.3 ins (45.8 %tile). So he's still doing pretty good I think! He dropped to a lower percentile in weight, but went up in everything else! So I'm glad we're feeding him solids. Hopefully that will help keep his weight up. He's doing better with eating, too. Or, at least he did once, and we have proof of it! Every time since then, though, hasn't been so great. (PS Sorry about the videos... I took them all on my phone so they don't go full size)
Steven also started making a new noise! It's kind of clicking, and he does it all the time now.
He's also doing great sitting up! He still needs to have padding around him, but he stays up for a long time!
He's still sleeping in crazy positions, too. I walked in on this one the other night...
This last video is for Kelly... just to show how much Steve loves his Elephant! He plays with it pretty much every time he's in his crib :)


Wilson Family said...

oh i love that he loves his elephant!! too cute! thank you for the video!
and that is a very impressive clicking noise. can't say i've heard a baby do anything quite like that before. very talented.

Lyndsay said...

I will agree, Steven is VERY good at making unique sounds. =) Too cute!! Loved the videos. I can't believe how good he was eating his food. It looked like you couldn't give it to him fast enough. And at least he has an elephant to love (wink, wink Kel). =) He is SO stinkin' cute!!

Clay and Katy said...

He is so good at smiling for the camera already...love it!!! Love the videos! So cute :)

the Mom said...

Love the videos! He's so stinkin' cute!