Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Rands Family Reunion: Part 1

It's been a very eventful couple of days for all of us! On sunday, we all flew from Salt Lake to Chicago, and it was Steven's first time flying! He did so well. He just slept on a pillow on our lap most of the time, and didn't even fuss that much at all! All went great until the last five minutes or so... I was feeding him as we descended into Chicago and he was fussing a little bit and then threw up all over us as we landed. Oh well. It still went a lot better than expected. It was also really fun because we saw so many fireworks being set off on our way from Chicago to South Bend.
Monday was blueberry picking. It was SO hot and humid (something we're not used to anymore) but we still had a great time and are thoroughly enjoying the fruits of our labor :) Steven fell asleep pretty soon after we started and so I set him down so he wouldn't be so hot. I was amazed he stayed asleep until we left. After we got home, my niece Juniper asked me to paint her fingernails and toenails. Of course, after I had painted her nails, everyone else wanted theirs painted too! It was much more of a feat than it would have been with the Peper family and their 2 girls...
Today we went to a splash pad (pictures of this will follow in a later post) which Steven wasn't a big fan of. The water was a little cold for him, I think. Then we went to the South Bend Chocolate Factory and went on a tour. It could have been a lot more enjoyable, but we had to wait 45 mins for the tour to start and it was so hot in there. We all got to wear awesome hair nets, though, so that made it all worth it. Steven fell asleep after not to long, even though he was basically sitting up in the sling. I guess he was pretty wiped out... We've all had lots of fun so far and look forward to the rest of the week!


Lyndsay said...

Love the hair net!! And the picture of Steven sleeping in the sling. Too cute! I'm glad he did so good on the plane (except for the last 5 minutes). It sounds like you guys are having a ton of fun!!

the Mom said...

Love, love, LOVE Baby Steve with his hair net! That would be one for the calendar! =} And Julia, I got a kick out of your reference to the lack of little girls in our family... Sounds like you guys are keeping busy!