Sunday, March 30, 2014

Lucy is 1!

Well I guess I'm really sticking to this semiannual blog update idea… Not one of my best ideas ever, but that just leaves lots of room for improvement.
(Nov 8, 2013)

Today, my baby turned one. I can't even believe it. It's gone by WAY too fast. Just to catch up a little, here are some of the things Lucy loves…

She loves eating! She devours anything you put in front of her - puffs, pouches, cupcakes...
First time trying puffs
(Nov 18, 2013)
(March 30, 2014)

She loves her brother! Whenever he's around, she's laughing and smiling (except when he inevitably does something to make her cry…), and especially now that she's crawling, she loves playing with him!
(Dec 24, 2013)
Building a fort with Steve
(Feb 5, 2014)

She loves Daddy (and Grandpa)! I can already tell she's gonna be a huge Daddy's girl...

She loves her sippy cup. This is a new discovery, but she already gets so excited when she sees it!
(March 28, 2014)

She loves her cousins. They all give her so much attention when she's around them, and she definitely does not complain :)
Steve and Kellie's Wedding
(Feb 22, 2014 Mt Timpanogas Temple)
She loves the beach…
Florida for Thanksgiving
(Nov 21, 2013 Mexico Beach, FL)

And last, she hopefully loves hanging out with her mom as much as I love hanging out with her!
Steve and Kellie's Wedding
Visiting the Knowles
(Feb 28, 2014 Red Rocks, CO)

We had so much fun today celebrating our Yucy's birthday today! Steven loved "helping" her open presents, and also loved eating birthday cupcakes afterwards. Lucy loved eating her birthday cupcake, too!! I figured for her first birthday, a little mini one was just the right size for her!

Even though there are so many other things I could say about my beautiful daughter, I'm just going to say that I am so happy she's a part of our family. She brings us so much joy, and it's impossible not to smile when she's around! I can already tell she has such a soft heart and has so much love to give. I'm so blessed that I'll get to be a recipient of even a small portion of that love.

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Amber and Brandin Whiting said...

She is adorable! That's crazy that she is already one! Happy birthday Lucy :)