Sunday, February 24, 2013

Still Pregnant...

I know this really isn't an excuse, but I actually did try posting a couple of videos on the blog like 2 weeks ago... When it didn't work, I just got frustrated with the blog in general and decided I'd show it what it was missing. I don't think it cared. Anyway, I repent, and will fill everyone (and by everyone, I mean all 2 people who read this) in on whats going on.

Unfortunately, I don't really have a lot of pictures to document everything that is going on right now... Someday I'll learn to take advantage of photo-worthy happenings. 

The number one thing on my mind is that I'm still pregnant. I know this may seem like just a very impatient complaint (which it mostly is, I'm sure), but when I'm measuring 6 weeks ahead, and Baby Sister (according to an ultrasound I got, by chance, when getting an ultrasound for my thyroid) is probably over 7 lbs right now, it's hard to not feel ready to get her out of me. We're hoping she'll come by herself a little early, but at my last Drs appointment, my Dr did say he would induce me a week early if she didn't. We'll see if my complaining (and possibly even some tears I throw in for good measure) will change that timing at all at my next appointment. Although the thought of being a mom of two pretty much scares the crap out of me, my sciatic nerve pain, lack of sleep, swelling feet, and all the other complaints you'll ever hear from a pregnant woman are overriding any fears I might have. I know I would be a better mother to the child I already have if I could get rid of these problems!

Speaking of Steven, he's hilarious as always. I feel like he has about 10 times the energy that he usually does, but that could just be because I have 10 times less energy than I usually do. He's a pill most of the time, but then when he sits next to me, puts my arm around him and snuggles close, it's hard to not love him more than anything else in the world. He can definitely make me laugh, even when I don't want to.  His favorite thing to do right now is sing along to some of the songs that are popular on the radio. It's so great. He even has his own names for them such as "the outside song" (Ed Sheeran's "A-Team"), and "the ever song" (Taylor Swift's "We are never getting back together"). We actually do have video's documenting this, but I of course can't get them to upload. Along with singing the songs, he also loves dancing to them, which usually just entails running around in a circle, and only ever going clockwise.

He seems to be really excited about Baby Sister, so I hope that feeling continues after she's here :) He loves putting his face on my tummy, asking to see baby sister, and then laughing so hard when she "kicks" (which, since it's impossible to get her to do on cue, usually is just me moving my belly... somehow this deception doesn't make me feel bad at all...). He also thinks she's still sleeping inside of me. If only that's what she was doing the majority of the time... One picture I actually do have is from the other day when he decided he wanted to share his new race cars with Baby Sister. I thought it was so precious :)
Just a couple other things, because I actually have pictures to go along with these... We went to visit the Ellsworth's last weekend and it was SO good to see them. Steven loved playing with Lizzy and Brenna (and watching movies on the iPad with them). I'm so sad we don't live closer so they can play ALL the time! I have a feeling they would be great friends.
Steven also got his hair cut, which he was in desperate need of. He actually did much better than last time. He didn't cry at all! I know it's not that exciting of a picture, (although it does kind of show how long his hair had gotten on top) and the only reason I actually even have it is because he straight up asked me to take one. I couldn't really say no...

Well, I'm sure this was far too much talking for the whole 3 pictures that I posted, but it was probably more for my benefit to just be able to document than anything. So I apologize to those of you who fell asleep. Hopefully we'll have lots bigger news soon, and we will definitely have lots of pictures to go along with that!


the Mom said...

Julia, I love your sense of humor. :} So easy for me to say, but hang in there. Having little Lucy Jill :] here won't make you forget any of the misery you had to go through to have her, but she'll be way cuter to look at than, say, your swollen ankles. =} And yeah, we're going to want to see TONS of pictures of her!

Amber and Brandin Whiting said...

The end seemed like it would never end, at least to me. If you want a good long nap let me know, Carter would love to have Steven over!!!

Steve Peper said...

Try loading your videos into youtube and then post the youtube video on your blog. That seemed to work for me when I was having video issues.