Monday, January 10, 2011

More holiday stuff

So I've realized that me and the holidays do not mix well with blogging. There's just too much!! I still don't even have all the pictures from our trip to Santa Cruz, but I figured I might as well do a post now since it's already going to be so long.
So TJ got to California on the 21st, just in time for his birthday the next day! We spent it exploring Santa Cruz, which was really fun! We went to the beach, saw some sea lions, and other fun stuff. These are the pictures I don't have, so I'll put them up as soon as I get them. I did take some pictures of the little party we had for him that night, though. Jennie made him a super yummy cake that he's been bugging me to make ever since.
The next day TJ and I went to San Francisco. We loved it! We did the normal tourist stuff, and also went to this super yummy restaurant I found on the Food Network. Also, while we were there, we got a new camera!! Our camera wasn't working very well anymore, and after using Kelly's over thanksgiving and Jennie's while I was with her, I just couldn't go back to a point-and-shoot. So, we have a lot more pictures from that point on in our trip.
Christmas eve we made a trip to Monterey to go to the Aquarium. It was really fun! My Dad and I touched a ray, we saw a man with his dog on his surf board, and Steven saw fish for the first time.
Christmas was super fun. Even though TJ and I didn't have presents for each other, (the camera was both of our birthdays+Christmas) we still got stuff from my parents and Junie :)
So, after another really long car drive home, we are ready to stay put for a while! We had some presents waiting at home for us too, though, so we basically got 2 Christmases!


Lyndsay said...

There were a couple of pictures of TJ with Baby Steve that I just loved!! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. Enjoy your new camera!!

the Mom said...

I'm always so happy to see an update from you guys! The pictures from your new camera are really good. It looks like Baby Steve's hair is starting to fill in! :} He has the prettiest blue eyes. And I love the very last pic of him with TJ -- so cute!! Glad you guys had such a nice time in CA!

Clay and Katy said...

Sounds like a blast! Love the pictures! Enjoy your new camera!!