Sunday, December 5, 2010

Let the Christmas cards begin!

Christmas cards are one of my favorite things about Christmas. It's actually the way I kept track of TJ over the years, so we can thank them for getting us together. This year, Shutterfly is giving away 50 free christmas cards for posting about them, so I jumped at the opportunity. I've actually had a few experiences with Shutterfly at this point, and I love them! For the past two years we've had our Rands Family Reunion. All of us always take lots and lots of picture there which is great! On Shutterfly, you can make share sites which is a great way for us to put all of our pictures together and then put them into a book. So now, I have two great books from our family reunion, which I love!

I guess now that we have a kid, it's time to start sending holiday cards out. They have awesome ones! There have been a few times when I've used them to send cards to people that I want to make a little more personal. It's fun because I can put a picture of the person on the front of it! Here are a few of my favorite christmas ones...

They have really cute ideas for great little gifts for people too! There are photo calendars
and mugs to just name a few. I'm excited to take advantage of all the options they have!

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