Thursday, November 11, 2010

First Football Game

On Saturday a couple friends from Idaho were in Provo to go to the BYU game. They had some extra tickets, so Steven and I got to go too! Unfortunately TJ was working so he didn't get to come. It seemed a little wrong that Steven got taken to his first football game by his Mom, but I guess I'm just that cool :)
Andi holding Baby Steve. I was really suprised at how well he did. We only left like 10 mins early, and that was only because BYU was up 55-0
The poor guy was so tired afterwards!!


Andrea & Zach said...

I love how scary i look! But it was super fun and Peanut was the best baby!!

Clay and Katy said...

Very fun!! Looks like he was intensely watching the game in the second picture :). Is he a thumb sucker???

Julia Peper said...

only sometimes when he's really tired. not enough to really worry about, though.