Friday, August 13, 2010

Summer Fun

We've been having lots of fun so far this summer, including spending lots of time with family. Recently, TJ's mom, sister Katy, Grandparents, and Uncle Jack have visited/are visiting. Here's a picture of us all at Pizza Pie Cafe (a must stop when family's in town)
We also went boating with TJ's professor Dr Brough and his wife. It was a lot more fun than expected... TJ did a really good job waterskiing. He made some really awesome faces, too. I almost did a good job wakeboarding... but not quite. We both had fun tubing though! Steven did pretty well. It was right during nap time, so he was fussy until he fell asleep for a little while. The rest of the time he was great though. His life jacket was a little big, but I thought it looked really cute :)
Steven went bowling for the first time! If you ask me, though, he looks a little scared of the bowling ball.
And here's more laughing... gotta love it :)

And he's doing better sitting up, too!!


the Mom said...

I'm really frustrated because I can't get the videos!! I'll probably just have to wait until I get home to see them. I also can't enlarge the pictures, so can't see the facial expressions too well. But Baby Steve is definitely a Boy of Many Most Excellent Looks! =] Love it!

Wilson Family said...

dang... one day i hope to be able to experience the Pizza Pie Cafe like everyone else.
so love the picture of steven bowling and the video of him laughing and sitting up. too cute! he's getting so big so fast. can't imagine what he'll be like in a few months at thanksgiving?!?

Nathan & Marlese Seaver said...

FUN! i wanna go boating! Steven is growing up to fast :) he sure is cute. we seriously need to get together

Lyndsay said...

Loved the pictures and videos. I'd have to agree that he does look scared of the bowling ball. Maybe that won't be his thing. =) And the laughing and sitting videos were too precious. You have to love that face!!