Thursday, January 1, 2009

So this Christmas was great for us, though a little bit of an adjustment. It was our first Christmas as a married couple, and we spent it alone. It was a little lonelier than we were used to. Still, it was lots of fun. We got some great presents from each other and from other family. A couple cool experiences were picking out our tree and making some ornaments for it. :) Also, Julia had a good time making stockings (with some big help from her mom) for us. Also, we had a yummy yummy dinner that night. All in all, it was a great holiday, and we're looking forward to many more together!


Lyndsay said...

I'm glad you guys had a good Christmas. Julia, those stockings were SO cute!! You did a great job on them. And the ornaments were darling, too. You are really crafty. I loved your Christmas decorations in general. Very cute!

Jill and Randy said...

Yay! Another update! The pictures are great, guys! The stockings are really cute, I loved your tree, and I got a kick out of the drum ornaments! Speaking of you, Teej, you need to SHAVE! :] <3

The Mom

Wilson Family said...

you guys did very cute stuff with your decorations!...and i too got a kick out of the drum ornaments :) glad you had a merry christmas!!!